Of dolls, horses, hats, and heavy metals

Throughout this time I started randomly collecting different things, mostly what my family picked out for me. I had dolls from Holland with tiny wooden shoes, a woven Native American doll, several others that I can’t remember, and since Helen (step-grandma) used to be stationed in Japan, every Girl’s Day I would get a female Japanese doll.

The hats I think were my idea – berets and large brims, colorful and sometimes odd, the tourist-y visor with green plastic on the stop so it was kind of like sunglasses.

Pewter figures came later. If you get the small ones, they don’t take up much space, and you can throw them in a bag without worrying that they’ll break, which is great when you move a lot, they are just *heavy*.

And the horses. Plastic, ceramic (hence the pewter later – super-glue is your friend), realistic and some not-so-much. The only problem is, I can’t remember if this was my collection or my cousins and I just liked it so much that I wished it was mine. I love horses.

Which takes me to my next post…


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