Summer camp – yay…

Helen was still doing her Army Reserve duties, so once a year she had to go to training for two weeks. One year she got a family to babysit us for the whole time (I have no clue where dad was), this year, camp. I was dreading it just hearing about it.

So, off we went, Rob on the boys side, and me on the girls, of course. I can’t remember the name of the camp itself, but I think I was in Chipmunk Cabin. Really? They are still cute and all, but I’m not 5 anymore, can’t I have like Wild Mare Cabin or something?

I think they had some activities that everyone had to do, then we got to choose one or two that we wanted. I chose horses. They taught me how to brush them, and to pick the pebbles from their hooves. Not the most glamorous job, but I loved it, and I was away from people most of the time, and I got used to the smell pretty quickly. When the second week came, we had a choice to do something else; I stayed.

It turned out I was a natural, too. When time came to ride, the kids seemed scared. I walked up to the horse, swung my leg over, and was ready to go. I’d never been on a horse before in my life, but I couldn’t wait.

So, the things I was good at : canoeing, archery (with a long bow), horseback riding. The thing I was bad at, getting along. I was so mad at one girl that I was taking leaves and berries and anything I could find that I thought might be poisonous and mixing it in a cup. I wouldn’t have given it to her, I have no clue how I would have made her swallow it anyway, but I thought about it.


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